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Anonymous: Tate, I'm really sick, because I can finally really see for the first time in a year & eyerytying is literally so clear & sharp & beautiful it hurts my eyes. I'm so dizzy & I keep falling down especially on stairs because I have no depth perception currently & I feel so nauseous I keep fainting, & everyone's worried about me, but all I can think about is Jake- this guy I think I /might/ have a crush on who hurt his leg, and is performing with me. why are they worried about me stead of Jake?

I’m sure they are worried about him too. But from the looks of things, you don’t sound all too good yourself. Maybe instead of focusing on your crush, you should focus on getting yourself nice and healthy again. 

Anonymous: Can you just...hang out with me sometime?

You’d have to come here darling. You know I kind of have a binding contract to this house.

Anonymous: Are you bi?

Yes. I am. But at the moment I am Violetsexual.

your-fartt: How does a girl keep her feelings inside of her when all she wants to do is scream at the world to go to hell?

I would just scream it, honestly. Who the fuck is going to care. They’ll look at you for two seconds and think “man, that girl was weird” and then continue on their way but you, however, will feel amazingly ten times better.

Anonymous: When was the last time you self harmed?

The day before I killed my classmates.

ahsbetchsos: What would you do without violet?

I have no idea. The days would feel like seconds and the years would feel like weeks in this never ending eternity of hell without her to make me smile and laugh and give me something to break up the tedium of being stuck in this house. People always ask the question, why do the gods pick on humans and such. Because they’re bored. I would be like a god, stuck in this house for the rest of time. Only difference is I wouldn’t be able wipe out whole civilizations with one flood or fly around in a giant eagle disguise.

Anonymous: Blondes , brunettes or redheads ? :)

None. Personality and sense of humor take precedence over physical looks.

Anonymous: This is random , but what made you fall in love with violet ? Do see you guys being together in the future happy ?

Her personality, honestly. Her humor is so dry and I just feel like she really understands me. We share a hatred for other people.

I hope so. Things seem to be going good now, so that’s a good sign.

Anonymous: first question: why are you so perfect? second question: will you marry me?

First Answer: It’s the hair.

Second Answer: I’m so sorry my love, I’m already spoken for and I plan to keep it that way this time.

littlebloodysailboat: Tate, sweetheart, I love you!

I love you too random citizen!

Sorry, Violet and I watched Mega Mind the other day.